PAPSET Overview

The Postgraduate Award of Proficiency in Standardised Educational Testing (PAPSET) equips professionals to oversee and carry out standardised testing in an educational establishment.


Every school, college, or local authority needs a team member who is qualified to oversee and use tests to understand both individual and group strengths/weaknesses, in order to establish appropriate interventions.

Include-ed has partnered with the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors to offer this postgraduate qualification, tailored to the needs of professionals using psychometric assessments in the educational arena. The CIEA, a professional membership organisation incorporated by royal charter, was established to improve standards in educational assessment. This gives them particular expertise and authority in the validation of qualifications for educational professionals. CIEA members include teachers, examiners, school and college leaders, academics, awarding organisations and people responsible for professional development in diverse sectors. Graduates of the PAPSET qualification will have the option of becoming CIEA members. You can read more about the CIEA here.

Course Content

Understanding the Principles of Psychometric Testing

  • Structured training, using video presentations, explaining the underlying principles of psychometric testing. The training also demonstrates how these principles are applied in popular educational tests.
  • Assignments, comprising a mix of practical tasks, online questionnaires, essays and data analysis. PAPSET students will be allocated a personal assessor/tutor, who will provide support (including tutorials where necessary) and mark assignments.

Course Delivery Options

The PAPSET has two modes of delivery. For full details CLICK HERE

PAPSET On-Demand

The complete course content delivered through online videos. Start dates available every month.

PAPSET Bespoke

If you are part of an academy chain, a Local Authority or group of schools, we can offer a PAPSET Hybrid option (minimum of 8 students). Start the course with 3 consecutive webinar or in person training days (covering the core taught sessions, and beginning/discussing all the assignments), with the rest of the course delivered online.

Course authors

The PAPSET course was written and developed by Caroline Read (BA, PGCE, OCR Dipl SpLD, APC), Lia Castiglione (BEd, OCR Dipl SpLD, APC) and Emma Smith (BA, PGCE, PAPAA, Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice). All are experienced practitioners who have worked in the field of assessment for many years. Working together they have used their individual expertise to design a course which is both practical and underpinned by sound academic principles.

Introductory Video

Please click below to watch a video introducing the PAPSET Course.

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